How do I navigate through the site?
The Vascular-Web banner graphic may be clicked to return to home where it is visible. This graphic is not found inside the courses so you do not inadvertently click outside of your course and lose any information.

How do I sign up for courses?

You must first create an account that sets up your Password and Username. From there, you can purchase courses, list your courses, list your grades, update your information, change your password, and print out your transcript. These benefits allow you to purchase courses and enter them immediately. You control your access and management of your account. We employ every means to protect your personal and financial information. See our privacy statement for more information.

How do I enter my courses?
Click on the MEMBERS button at the top of any page and then enter the Username and Password that you chose when you created your account. The buttons on your transcript page will let you purchase courses, change your information, enter your courses, or change your password. You don't need to create a new account whenever you want to buy courses, just enter your account page and then click on BUY CLASSES. It's easy!

I am concerned with purchasing online with my credit card. Is it safe?
We take every precaution in keeping your online purchase safe and secure. You create your personal account and then purchase courses. As you select your course list, you are then moved to a secure server with our transaction company, Authorize.Net. You enter your financial information which remains on the Authorize.Net server. You are then returned to Vascular-Web with your course list ready for instant access. For more information on our privacy policy, visit our privacy policy page here.

I was a subscriber to the last version of Vascular-Web. How do I get my Username and Password to work in the new account?
Go to the Members Link at the top of the page. In the Account Login page, click on the link to get your password. You will be asked to enter the SID (Subscriber Identification Number) that was issued when you received your Username, Password and Course List. This 5 digit number is your account number. Enter the information and you will receive a password. Return to the Members Account Login page and enter your username and the newly issued password. Once you are into your account management, you can change the password to one that is convenient for you to remember.

I hope to get my department manager to pay for my subscription to Vascular-Web. Do you have a discount program if more than one sonographer signs up?
Yes. We offer group rates when 4 or more sonographers sign up for Vascular-Web subscriptions. Have your department manager call us toll free at 1-520-642-1303 for an account executive to help them in getting your department connected.

How do I make a change in my course list?
Simply call 1-520-642-1303 or email us and we can make the change for you. Please have your SID number and/or other account information to speed up the process.

I need more CME than the open courses shown in the course catalog. How can I get my credits?
Vascular-Web is constantly in development of more courses. We develop each course to meet and exceed the requirements for receiving Continuing Education Credits. We work closely with the Society of Vascular Ultrasound in preparing each course.

How are Vascular-Web courses different from using a book?
Vascular-Web courses are developed with both content and presentation in mind. We strive to include interactivity in presenting the course material because this increases retention of the content.

What do I do if I do not pass the post-test?
Vascular-Web is set up for you to be able to retake the test as many times as it takes to pass it. You must note, however, that the test form is reset when you return and the answers are cleared. This is to meet the approving organization's requirement and to encourage the benefits of learning the material.

Once I pass a post-test, can I re-enter my courses to help me refresh my memory?
Yes. We leave the courses accessible for 60 days to allow you to re-enter and review the material. This is a great benefit if you are preparing for a registry exam.

How are Vascular-Web courses developed?

We review topics that are found in the Registry Exam Matrix for both the ARDMS and CCI registries. Courses are developed to convey an understanding of the materials. Other courses are developed from new areas of technology impacting the field or basic information needed
in order to progress to the level of clinical Vascular sonographer.

Do Vascular-Web courses count as credits for college education?
Not at this time. We are looking into methods of bringing quality education to you with the maximum benefits in preparing for your career in ultrasound.

I am preparing for my registry exam. Does Vascular-Web offer a "Registry Prep" course?
Yes. We are completing a series of courses that are aimed at the RVT and RVS examinations. You will be able to purchase a series to help you pass the registry exam.

I don't see a menu in my browser. What do I do?
Vascular-Web is designed using the latest versions of most browsers, however, Safari (an Apple product) does not allow the use of Adobe Flash. You should use Chrome, FireFox, or Microsoft Edge to take your courses.

Vascular-Web is also Mobile-Ready. Our recommendation is that you download the Free Puffin Browser from Google or Apple App Stores.


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