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We are excited that you would like to submit a case study and for you to receive credit for your work!

We are currently offering $75 in addition to the following benefits for case studies that meet the requirements and are accepted.

Here are some advantages of partnering with Vascular-Web's Case Study Library:

  • Recognition for your video contribution to be placed at the closing credits of each study
  • Recognition for your contribution to be used on our website, YouTube, Facebook postings, conferences, and anywhere your material is being presented
  • A Free Subscription to Vascular-Web CME (a $175 value)
  • Each case study submitted extends your Free Subsciption by 1 year
  • You will receive contributor and/or authoring credits on our "Contributors and Authors Page"


  • The case study should be high quality, DICOM formatted, and a complete study.
  • The case study should include the official exam and final report or full result of study, with patient name hidden by using "whiteout" for patient identifying informationving the date of the procedure/report visible.
  • The case study should not violate HIPPA standards, however, we can assist on formatting the material and discarding the original.


  • We can work with your submission in redaction (removing patient information) of the material so it adheres to HIPPA standards
  • We have the option to choose to accept your submission based on the topic and quality of the case study. An unusual case increases your chances of selection.
  • You have the choice of having your name appearing at the end of the study or not.
  • If your case study has not been accepted, we will return the materials back to you.

Let's get started!

  • Prepare your case study in DICOM format to a CD or DVD.
  • Mail your case study, report, and form to:

Vascular-Web, Inc.
Case Study Submission
2133 Hyde Park Road
Jacksonville, FL 32210

We will be adding an online file upload shortly!

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