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Datastar Systems announces new website. A free Datacheck demo CDROM available.

Online Bookstore with books, cdroms, media and more!


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SVU Vascular Case Studies on CD

These CDs contain vascular case studies in PowerPoint format and key educational images from SVU Vascular Ultrasound Introductory and
Advanced Interpretation Courses.

CD 1: Introductory Course (Orlando, April 2008)
  • Lower/Upper Extremity Venous Evaluation (15 cases)
  • Arterial Physiological Lower/Upper Extremity (9 cases)
  • Aortic Duplex (2 cases)
CD 2: Advanced Course (Scottsdale, September 2007)
  • Peripheral Arterial (9 cases)
  • Aortic Endograft (2 cases)
  • Carotid (10 cases)
  • Renal-Mesenteric Duplex (15 cases)
CD 3: Introductory Course (Louisville, April 2007)
  • Lower Extremity Arterial Evaluation (6 cases)
  • Lower/Upper Extremity Venous Evaluation (14 cases)
  • Cerebrovascular (6 cases)
  • Arterial Physiological Lower/Upper Extremity (17 cases)
  • Aortic Duplex (5 cases)

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Siemens Introduces Acuson Sequoia 12.0 High Performance Imaging Release               

Siemens Medical Solutions’ Ultrasound Division introduced the High Performance Imaging release for their ACUSON Sequoia™ echocardiography

The release adds two new transducers to the system: the 9L4 Multi-D and the 17L5 HD. Multi-D™ array transducer technology provides uniform elevation focusing for improved contrast and spatial resolution. The 17L5 HD transducer dramatically improves the vascular image detail, as well as overall resolution in imaging of the breast, small parts and complex masses. Its patent-pending ergonomic design allows users to easily grip the transducer in their palm, reducing hand strain while scanning.  Read more


Siemens Demonstrates New Methods of Cardiovascular Risk Assessment at the American Society of Echocardiography               


The company’s syngo® Arterial Health Package (AHP) for cardiovascular risk assessment provides semi-automated quantification tools for users that help to assess and visually demonstrate the cardiovascular risk potential of patients using the concept of “Vascular Age.” According to the American Heart Association, one in three adults has some form of cardiovascular disease. Despite increased awareness of standard risk factors (eg, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking), lifestyle changes induced by knowing “Vascular Age” could further prevent a significant number of heart attacks and strokes. Prediction and prevention help people to minimize their cardiovascular risk rather than waiting for symptoms to develop. Read more.


TruScan leads GE's revolutionary imaging platform.
GE states that with TruScan, the ultra sound data is digitally acquired and stored in its raw state to preserve the integrity of the data. The resulting images can then be viewed, measured, optimized and analyzed at any time, without losing any of the original integrity and image quality.

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Have you seen Unetixs MultiLab Series II LHS/IMG, Combining Physiological and Ultrasound Imaging in one Instrument.  Read more.



The SDMS Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography can be electronically accessed online through HighWire.  HighWire is a new service to SDMS by allowing members to search through millions of academic and research articles in thousands of journals but also provides access to MEDLINE.  For more information go to :




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