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Do you already have a full time job and a family?
Do you need time to REALLY learn how to scan?
Are you new to or crosstraining into a new modality?
Are you wanting to prepare for the registry exams?
Are you under the belief that you can learn it all in a week-end course?

Our 14 week, self-paced, instructor-guided program is perfect for you.

Learn Basic Echo Online!


Perfect for Registry Review, Cross Training, Accreditation Requirements, CME, or Expanding Your Knowledge Base!

We have had students from the USA, Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Great Britain, Italy, India, Kenya, Pakistan, Romania, and Spain. Join us!

Special Price is $1295!

We Are With You From Day 1 to Registry!


Immediate benefits of iEchoSchool are:

  • All present and future courses are included in your account
  • You receive 'The Echocardiographers Pocket Reference - 4th Edition'
  • You also get 'Cardiovascular Principles' both by Terry Reynolds
  • You receive exclusive materials unavailable to regular subscribers
  • Your Preceptor (on-site fellow sonographer) gets a FREE subscription
  • Department managers usually pay your tuition
  • Your courses and school membership stay open for 2+ years
  • You can take and re-take your quizzes anytime
  • Attend a weekly lecture, mini-course, and Q & A session to help you learn
  • We guarantee your success! We stay with you until you pass your registry!

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Online Course - Introduction to Basic Echocardiography

Course Design

This is an Internet structured instructor driven course.  In addition to the course textbooks, there will be numerous interactive exercises and simulations to ensure a total learning experience. The course participants can meet online in a private chat room on a weekly basis. The sessions will last approximately one hour.  Although attendance at the weekly chat sessions is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged.  Additional assignments, worksheets, videos and links will be posted on your personal assignment page.   Quizzes are given throughout the course and a final exam will be given at the end of the course.  A certificate of completion will be awarded to each participant passing the individual sections and final exam. The participant has the flexibility to work at a faster pace.You also receive 25 CME credits!


If you are contemplating cross-training or registry prep of your employees, Echo-Web can provide the didactic instruction while you or another staff member acts as Preceptor can offer them the hand's-on experience. In addition, the Preceptor will receive all of Echo-Web's course offerings free of charge for participating in the student's training. Your cross-training employee can complete the project with no worries of time out of the lab, reservations, travel/flights, or mental overload by having to attend consecutive days of 8 hour instruction. They can prepare for the registry or cross-train at their own pace!

Course Description

This introductory level echocardiography course is specifically targeted to the professional needing to learn modality specific subject matter on basic echocardiography and cardiovascular principles. This course is designed for the medical professional that cannot attend an off site program, and needs a modality specific correspondence program or a structured type program.  This course serves as an excellent tool for the professional needing to be cross-trained or as an echocardiography review for the ARDMS and CCI registry examinations. The course includes: the basics of Doppler and transducers, physiology, anatomy, hemodynamics, physics and cardiovascular principles, electrophysiology, physical examination, patient history, color and spectral Doppler, M-Mode, cardiac calculations, imaging and Doppler techniques, protocols, disease states and basic echo interpretation. The course uses a combination of extensive graphics, video and interactive exercises, quizzes and final exams.   The participant will have the opportunity of observe a basic echo via the Internet.  The course length is 12 - 14 weeks or at your own pace. A reminder that your courses stay open for 2 years!


The course cost is specially marked down to $1295.95. 


What you get:


         All courses on Echo-Web (including interpretive video sessions)

         Your personalized assignment page

         Exclusive worksheets, documents, learning modules, and reference materials

         Weekly Instructor driven interactive chat sessions in webinar format for additional info and Q & A

         Your personal copy of Terry Reynolds' "Echocardiographers Pocket Reference, 4th Edition" which includes vascular topics and his "Cardiovascular Principles"

         A Mock Registry exam and personal analysis of areas you need to review and prepare for taking the registries.

        25+ CME certificates and a Certificate of Completion

        A two year subsciption until you get ready to review for the registry  

        An invitation to attend special webinars geared at learners by some of the clinical applicaton held high by their contribution to the field and willingness to teach vious topics as optimization of the image, tips and tricks, and even rising new technologies.

        And, your clinical preceptor receives an Echo-Web Subscription FREE!



Course Objectives

         To review basic physics and instrumentation

         To describe cardiac anatomy and hemodynamics

         To describe clinical aspects of cardiac disease, physical examination and patient history

         To describe instrumentation and the various techniques of echo testing

         To review interpretation of the various examinations

         To provide weekly chat sessions with an instructor to enhance learning.

         To review generally accepted practices in the performance of echocardiography


 Overall Goals

  • To be able to perform a full echocardiographic procedure
  • To become prepared to take the registry examination (CCI/ARDMS)     


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